Terms of use

Terms of use

This notice is intended for you. It determines the terms of use for all web pages comprised at the address http://www.rppp.si (hereinafter: the website).

1. Purpose of the website

The website is intended exclusively for the purpose of information. The law firm Odvetniška družba Rojs, Peljhan, Prelesnik & Partners, o.p., d.o.o., is investing all its efforts to ensure that the notices at the website are true, updated and of high quality. We do not take any responsibility for language deficiencies or deficiencies in updating the information.

2. Copyright

Reproduction of part or of the entire contents in any form of the website is prohibited other than for individual use only and may not be recopied and shared with a third party. This website is exclusively the property of the law firm Odvetniška družba Rojs, Peljhan, Prelesnik & Partners, o.p., d.o.o.

3. Privacy Protection

Cookies are used to ensure smooth functioning of the website. These are files stored on a device the user needs to access the web portal. With cookies, unique user information or settings selected for individual websites are stored on the user’s device.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that most websites store on a device when a user is accessing the internet. Their purpose is to recognize individual devices which were used for access by users. The way how cookies are saved completely depends on the user’s browser – he or she can choose to restrict or disable cookies.

What are cookies for?

Using cookies in online production is normal and preferred. It enables a high level of services, such as saving confirmations of registration, using online shops, preventing banner adverts from being displayed excessively, etc. Nor would the frequency of website visits be measurable without cookies. Cookies are essential for ensuring user-friendly online services. Cookies make the interaction between the online user and website faster and easier. They help with remembering an individual’s preferences and experiences on the website while saving time and making online browsing more efficient and user-friendly.

Here are some specific examples of cookie usage:

  • Tailoring website content to visitors based on their previous visits, thus improving user experience.
  • Saving your picks when narrowing down the selection and supply offered and the comparison between them.
  • Keeping you signed in for the parts of our website that require a sign-in.
  • Recognizing your device (computer, tablet, mobile) and allowing specially tailored content to be displayed on your device.
  • Monitoring page visits which enable the content and relevant adverts to be displayed efficiently and the website constantly optimised.
  • Cookies are required for certain services to function (e.g. online banking, online shops and other forms of e-commerce etc.).

How can users manage cookies?

At any given moment, users retain complete control over their cookies, as they can erase, restrict or completely disable them at any time. The instructions on how this is done differ from device to device and are available on the home page of individual software manufacturers. You decide if you wish to allow cookies to be saved onto your device. Cookie settings can be monitored and changed in their web browser:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Internet Explorer 7 & 8
  • Opera
  • Safari

So, cookies are not a new thing and all website visitors have plenty of cookies already stored on their computers, tablets and mobiles from various websites. The only change is that the legislation (Electronic Communications Act or ZEKom-1) introduces changed to informing users about cookie usage and consenting to it. Some website features may not be available if cookies are disabled.

Cookies have their purpose, but using them is up to you.

Our web portal gives users the option to decide if they wish to accept or decline cookies. This option comes with a warning that declining cookies may lead to problems with the site, excessive advertising (the limit for the number of times an advert will be displayed cannot be set) and other issues.

If you consent to cookies and later change your mind, you will need to reset your choice by deleting your cookies (the instructions on how this is done in your browser are listed on this page above). Following the deletion, you will once again see the cookie notification. The articles on our web portal occasionally feature embedded content from other web sites. This is usually enabled by iFrame technology, meaning that users are, in a technical sense, served third party content along with their cookies. Some of these cases have already been taken into account in the table above – for example, by embedding Youtube videos which contain their own advertising systems their own cookies are also installed on the user’s device.

The social networks Facebook, Google+ and Twitter also install cookies when you sign up for their services. Cookie management is regulated by the terms and conditions of these social networks users agreed to when they signed up.

Google Analytics

Data is collected anonymously in order to enhance user experience. Google Analytics will install the following cookies:

Cookie Name: _ga
Domain (if applicable): google.com/analytics
Description: This randomly generated unique number is used for calculating the data on our website traffic
Company: Google
Expiration time: 2 years

Cookie Name: _gat
Domain (if applicable): google.com/analytics
Description: This cookie is used to throttle request rate.
Company: Google
Expiration time: 10 minutes

Social Networks

Cookie Name: PREF, use_hitbox, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, YSC, SSID, SID, SAPISID, login_info, HSID, APISID, ACTIVITY, 46ldx.resume
Domain (if applicable): youtube.com
Description: video content YouTube
Company: You Tube
Expiration time: session duration, 2 years

Cookie Name: datr, c_user, cms, fr, lu, s, xs, p, presence, act, x_src, sub, _e-0brc-0
Domain (if applicable): facebook.com
Description: Facebook content
Company: Facebook
Expiration time: session duration, 2 years

Cookie Name: twll, twid, secure_session, remember_checked_on, guest_id, _twitter-sess, original_referer, lang, auth_token
Domain (if applicable): twitter.com
Description: Twitter content
Company: Twitter
Expiration time: session duration, 2 years

Domain (if applicable): plus.google.com
Description: content Google+
Company: Google+
Expiration time: one month, 2 years

4. Changes of the terms of use

The Law firm Odvetniška družba Rojs, Peljhan, Prelesnik & Partners, o.p., d.o.o., reserves the right to change the terms of use at any time without any further obligations. The changes shall become effective upon their publication.

5. Jurisdiction and choice of law

The Courts in Ljubljana are exclusively competent for all issues arising out of or connected to the usage of this website. The Laws of Slovenia shall be exclusively applicable.

6. Consent

Upon entry into and with the browsing of this website, you give your consent to being informed and bound by these terms of use.



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