Project Involvement

The Big Deal project is a competition among students of numerous law faculties on M&A transactions, held in the English language.

The purpose of this project is to transfer practical knowledge from the field of the corporate law to students of law schools. The project, which is new to Slovenia, is taking place for the third year now in the Balkan region in the cooperation between law school students and TLA law firms.

Students are obliged to prepare Legal Due Diligence Review (LDD) of the target company for the potential investor – client, with respect to client’s purchase and draft the Share Purchase Agreement (SPA). Mentors support students on the case and give them input on how to prepare for the negotiations and present their case.


Mentors assess students’ presentation together with their LDD and SPA drafting. The two best groups of students make it to finale, which is organised as a competition between both groups (one group acts on the buyer’s side, whilst the second one represents the seller) in negotiating reasons for and against the signing of the SPA.

The two best evaluated students are then offered a three-month practice in our law firm.