Human Resources Policy

As one of the leading corporate law firms in Slovenia, Rojs, Peljhan, Prelesnik & Partners hires lawyers with excellent knowledge, international experience and foreign language skills and endeavours to bolster their qualities and make them the best competitive lawyers.

They are a popular choice for domestic and foreign clients due to their negotiating skills, insightfulness and systematic thinking.

Due to their negotiating skills, insightfulness and systematic thinking our lawyers are a popular choice for domestic and foreign clients.

We strive for innovativeness, professionalism, insightfulness, responsiveness, effectiveness and openness to clients’ needs. Basic indicators of our prosperous performance include successfully completed transactions and dispute resolutions, which are reflected clients’ satisfaction and their trust and willingness to continue doing business with us.

Continuous Education and Self-improvement

Every lawyer, regardless of the area of practice and level of experience, is devoted to their work and actively participates in one of the project teams. Every team is led by a partner or senior associate who supports lawyers or helps them overcome potential dilemmas and uncertainties. In order to realise their fullest potential, lawyers are encouraged to engage in continuing education and learning processes by being sent to various workshops, seminars or conferences.


Open communication, cooperation and shared set of values are common to every employee in our firm. From the very start, management expects from every employee a high level of responsibility, individual thinking, sharing ideas and developing constructive solutions. Despite their specialisation, every lawyer has the opportunity to try out different working areas, whereby to avoid mind-numbing working routine and to fully realise their potential by widening their horizons.

Publications and Presentations

We have built our reputation with hard work, positive clients’ reviews and by being interviewed in foreign business magazines. We have also authored numerous articles and manuals and taken active parts in lecturing at conferences, seminars and workshops, around the world.


International Experience

Having wide range of international business relations, we support and encourage our lawyers to take on postgraduate study or practice abroad, thereby developing an international mindset and identifying good foreign practices and, wherever possible, implementing them in our practice.


We are aware of the fact that balance between work and home life is important for the well-being of every individual, and that happiness and personal satisfaction impacts how well somebody performs at work and how productive and successful they are. Therefore, we try to support our employees in maintaining a balance between work and personal life, by approving flexible or part-time working arrangements, work from home (when possible and upon their request) and vacation. How well a worker performs depends not on the time spent working on a project, but on the realisation of the project.


Every year, management evaluates and reviews the performance of employees and arranges individual interviews with them. Every worker has the opportunity to express their expectations, potential interest in different working areas and so forth. Management provides them with feedback on how well they perform, and tries to identify room for their improvement. Promotions and bonuses are awarded based on the individual performance, which is also determined by how much one contributes to the firm’s business.