Employees’ statements

The key value of our firm lies in our experts, their knowledge, extensive experience and a big picture approach.

"Career change was one of the best decisions in my personal and professional life."

Senior Associates about the Law firm

“I joined Rojs, Peljhan, Prelesnik & Partners because I believed that this firm is run by the best lawyers who didn’t stop striving after achieving a reputable name, but kept investing both in the firm and its employees and built satisfactory relations with clients. I can proudly say that, based on the trust we’ve earned, our clients continue to rely on us and feel comfortable working with us in the long term. We work on interesting cases of great importance, which let us become more experienced. Strong tradition, lots of experience and knowledge enable us to solve problems successfully.”

“Ever since I’ve been here, I’ve gained lots of experience and knowledge. We work on various national and international cases and believe in high standards. Into every case, we pour a lot of energy and research hours into our efforts, and consult senior associates from different practice areas, if necessary, in order to find an effective solution. The working environment is pleasant, due to good relations with colleagues. Our cooperation is good and we share the same goal – to offer professional, quality solution and act in the best interest of a client.”


Junior Associates about the Law firm

“I joined Rojs, Peljhan, Prelesnik & Partners with a need for challenge and with a desire to improve knowledge and gain experience in the area of corporate and commercial law. When I was given the opportunity to join the team, my decision was easy, given the fact that this firm had a reputation for being the best and most creative law firm in Slovenia. Career change was one of the best decisions in my personal and professional life. Working for Rojs, Peljhan, Prelesnik & partners fulfilled and even exceeded my expectations. I was surprised by the positive and outgoing spirit among colleagues and their willingness to help out, when it came to complex legal questions and dilemmas, faced on a daily basis. Good professional relations led to genuine friendships and desire to spend more free time together. Diverse challenges and interesting work are the main reasons, why I would like to stay in this firm. Moreover, I fell in love with my work and it is because of all that, that I keep coming back every day.”

“I joined Rojs, Peljhan, Prelesnik & Partners by chance. I wanted to do my training in one of the leading corporate law firms, so when the opportunity arose, I took it. I wanted to give all my best and all that it takes to get a permanent opportunity to continue with a career at Rojs, Peljhan, Prelesnik & partners. Professionalism and high standards, together with a great opportunity for professional growth, knowledge, social competences and organisational and analytical skills are the reason for my staying with Rojs, Peljhan, Prelesnik & Partners. I appreciate the friendly and professional relations with my colleagues and their willingness to cooperate in order to find a proper solution. Because of the fact that I value commitment and working for the common goal I, therefore, feel good in our working environment. Five years from now, I see myself working for Rojs, Peljhan, Prelesnik & partners and would like to take on more responsible tasks and challenges.”