The key value of our firm lies in our experts, their knowledge, extensive experience and a big picture approach. Our team is attuned to the needs of our foreign and local clients and focused on seeing things from their perspective. We combine legal knowledge with risk analysis and a sound commercial approach.

Aleš Rojs Founding and Senior Partner
Robert Prelesnik Managing Partner
Bojan Šporar Managing Partner
Grega Peljhan Senior Partner
Tomaž Ilešič Senior Partner
Matija Testen Senior Partner
David Premelč Partner
Sergej Omladič Partner
mag. Gregor Pajek Partner
dr. Blaž Hrastnik Partner
Ana Grabnar Crnčec Partner
Aljoša Krdžić Partner
Jakob Ivančič Partner

Lawyers/Senior Counsel

Rok Kokalj Senior Associate/Senior Counsel
Polona Fink Ružič Senior Associate/Senior Counsel

Senior associates

mag. Martina Sever Senior Associate
Mojca Mauhler Senior Associate
Peter Golob Senior Associate
Lina Rojs Senior Associate
Mojca Ahačič Senior Associate
Nebojša Vučković Senior Associate
Glorija Meglič Senior Associate
Jože Stare Senior Associate
Matic Vončina Senior Associate
Mirjam Homar Senior Associate


Žan Klobasa Associate

Junior associates

Ajas Midžan Junior Associate
Kristina Sajovic Junior Associate
Sebastijan Lugarič Junior Associate
Walter Maj Vidmar Junior Associate
Tjaša Marinček Junior Associate