Področje dela

Področje dela


Employment law

Every employer is bound to follow rapidly changing requirements imposed by labor legislation. Sound knowledge of the legislation must be upgraded with experiences from business practice and case law.

It is often the case that labour law is intrinsic to other areas of law, such as corporate law (in case of acquisitions/mergers/takeover of companies, discharge of directors and Board members, in case of the winding up or restructuring of a company). By deterring legal risks, we help our clients to find optimal solutions. This is also our primary focus when drafting employment contracts and employers’ internal acts, as well as when solving disputes.

When dealing with individual or collective labour disputes, we rely on the long-term experience of our lawyers gained through court litigation and on their good knowledge of case law. The latter results in high-quality advisory services offered to our clients in the management of various labour procedures and in dealing with employment relations or out-of-court resolution of conflicts, whether involving small start-ups or multinational companies.

We have advised/acted/represented

  • Clients in a complex mass redundancy proceedings and other restructurings, reorganizations , downsizing due to closing of operations;
  • Companies’ management in relationships with worker's representatives bodies, including in crisis situations such as strikes and union actions;
  • Clients in transfer of undertaking and employees;
  • Clients in M&A process with respect to employment matters;

Clients about us

Department leader Barbara Gerbec Rozman is one of the outstanding figures of Slovenian employment law and has wide-ranging experience in and out of court, including several reorganisations and downsizings. Clients laud her "valuable opinions that present the unvarnished truth," adding: "She has a warm personality, acting more as a team member than a lawyer." (about her in Chambers Europe 2015).

Saša Strahinič is described as "an excellent lawyer who understands clients' needs and is solution oriented." (about her in Chambers Europe 2015).

Senior associate Barbara Gerbec Rozman is noted for her knowledge of a range of employment issues, such as negotiations with unions (about her in Chambers Europe 2014). 

Department head Saša Strahinič is appreciated by clients for her responsiveness. She was mandated by a media client on a reorganisation and downsizing matter (about her in Chambers Europe 2014).



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